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Cari rekan untuk berlatih bahasa Ukraina.

Mengenai bahasa Ukraina

Ukrainian is a member of the Slavic group of languages and is the national language of Ukraine.

It is spoken by around 35 million people, most of whom live in Ukraine, although there are large populations in neighbouring countries as well as in Canada and the USA. Most native Ukrainian speakers can also speak Russian as a second language.

Ukrainian is closely related to other Slavic languages such as Belarusian, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Slovak, Czech and Russian. It is written in the Cyrillic script.

Jadi, mengapa belajar bahasa Ukraina?

Since the relaxation of visa restrictions in 2005, Ukraine has become a popular tourist destination. The country offers a range of outdoor activities and modestly-priced accommodation at its Black Sea resorts. Some knowledge of Ukrainian will enhance your holiday experience.

Ukraine has a rich cultural and historical heritage and a knowledge of Ukrainian will enable you to better appreciate the many facets of the country’s cultural traditions.

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